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Every year thousands of people are seriously injured by slip, trip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents can occur at anytime and anywhere, and may result when a person slips, trips, or falls due to conditions such as wet floors, icy patches, poor flooring conditions, poor lighting, and uneven surfaces. Injuries sustained can include head, neck, and back injuries, as well as bruising, fractures, and broken bones.

Property owners have a legal duty to provide a reasonably safe condition of their property, including floors, walkways, steps, and entryways. However, if a slip and fall accident occurs on their property as a result of negligence, they are legally responsible for any injuries that may result from these hazardous conditions.

As the victim of a slip and fall accident, you have the right to bring a claim against the negligent property owner, and seek compensation for your damages including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Proving liability in a slip and fall accident is not always easy, and these types of accidents can be complex, and often require the use of experts, such as engineers, which is why it is important to seek legal representation from an experienced attorney. With more than 24 years experience in pursuing slip-and-fall claims, we understand the needs of our clients, and have many years of success helping our clients recover the compensation they are rightfully entitled to.

It is important that you hire an attorney experienced in slip, trip and fall accidents, with a successful history of obtaining fair compensation for injured victims. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, the experienced New York slip and fall attorney at Law Offices of William J. Maniatis are here to help.

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Falling can be embarrassing, but it doesn’t mean that it is always your own fault.

People often fall due to unforeseen tripping or slipping hazards that are created through no fault of their own. These tripping or slipping hazards are sometimes the result of property that is not maintained in accordance with the law, or by the carelessness of others in leaving debris or other materials in an area where people are required to walk.