Proof of Liability in Defective Product Cases

At Law Offices of William J. Maniatis, one of our practice areas is New York product liability law. Here’s a quick overview of the evidence necessary for a good defective case.

If a product is defective this means that the product has a manufacturing error, a design defect, or inadequate warnings or instructions.

Manufacturing Error

Design Defect

Inadequate Warnings or Instructions

Finally, in order to have a defective product legal case, the defect must have caused you injury or property damage while the product was being used with reasonable common sense. This means that if you were using that electric blanket near a swimming pool and that is how you were electrocuted, then you probably don’t have a claim. If an ordinary consumer would not use the blanket while sitting next to a pool, then the manufacturer is not required to make the blanket’s design safe for that purpose.

However, this does not mean that the way you were using the product when you were injured must conform exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications. For instance, if you were cut because the blade snapped off of the new bread knife while you were cutting a potato, you likely have a valid claim.

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