Our Firm

Meticulous preparation, intimate knowledge of the law, selectivity in the cases that we accept, and unwavering dedication to our clients are the defining hallmarks of the law firm of Law Offices of William J. Maniatis.

Our Brooklyn accident lawyer is devoted to the handling of major tort actions involving seriously injured individuals, including, among others: general negligence, wrongful death, construction accidents, amputations, premises liability, medical malpractice, automobile accidents, elevator accidents, infant lead paint exposure, and products liability cases. We also have significant experience in the handling of cases involving Firefighters and Police Officers who are injured in the line of duty, as well as cases involving workers and other persons injured as a result of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Law Offices of William J. Maniatis is dedicated to the securing of full and just compensation for those who have been seriously harmed and for the surviving family members of those who have been fatally injured. Accidents, serious injuries, and the loss of loved ones happen unexpectedly; and while no amount of money can ever replace what has been lost by an injury or death, the significant results obtained by the lawyers of Law Offices of William J. Maniatis have provided assistance to our clients in dealing with their loss by providing the means for securing necessary medical treatments, and for rebuilding and easing the lives of our clients and their families.

The quality of the legal services provided by Law Offices of William J. Maniatis is evidenced by the outstanding individual track records of its members, their impressive court victories, and the significant settlements obtained for their clients. Our Firm’s members have obtained millions of dollars in recoveries for their clients over the years. The foundation for the extraordinary achievements of the Firm’s members can be attributed to their keen knowledge of the law, ability to understand complex legal issues, and their thorough and aggressive trial preparation. Our Firm’s members pride themselves on providing our clients with high-quality, individualized personal service.

At Law Offices of William J. Maniatis, our personal attention to each case begins with the selection process for the cases that we accept. Each case is carefully screened, investigated, and discussed by the members of the Firm. Upon acceptance of a case, our clients can feel secure in the knowledge that their case will be handled in a professional and ethical manner, that their case will receive the time and attention that it deserves, that they will be treated with respect and compassion by the attorneys handling their case, and that they have retained a legal team that will be prepared and ready to take their matter to trial.

While the offices of Law Offices of William J. Maniatis are located in Manhattan, we handle matters in all five boroughs of New York City and throughout Long Island. We are also available to handle matters in every county throughout the State of New York, as well as the State of New Jersey.