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Millions of New Yorkers use elevators and escalators everyday. In fact, most people assume that when they get on an elevator or an escalator that everything will function properly and they will get to their destinations.

Unfortunately, this relies heavily on the maintenance of the elevator and escalator equipment, and when building owners fail to regularly inspect, maintain and repair elevator and escalator equipment, it can have devastating consequences resulting in serious injury and death.

Elevator Accidents

Elevator accidents can occur for a number of reasons, many of which are the result of failing to properly maintain the equipment, including the following:

While many elevator accidents occur in high-rise buildings, there are also numerous elevator accidents that occur on construction sites, including while using hoists to transfer floors. In this regard it is important to hire an experienced attorney who will be familiar with the Local Laws and ANSI / ASME standards for electric and hydraulic elevators.

Many elevator accidents occur due to a failure to properly maintain and service the elevators by the on–site elevator company. For buildings without an on–site elevator company, laws were enacted to make sure that the building owner utilizes properly trained professionals to inspect, maintain and service the elevators on a regular basis. The failure to do so often leads to elevator accidents.

Escalator Accidents

Escalators are an integral part of our society, and we find them everywhere, including department stores, subway stations, even outdoors. As with elevators, may escalator accidents are caused by the failure to properly inspect, maintain, or repair the equipment. In fact, many of these accidents could be avoided by proper maintenance and regular servicing of the escalator equipment.

Escalators are particularly dangerous to children who often become interested in the escalators. Because of this fact, many safety precautions and devices have been required to protect children from escalators. However, these safety devices are not always installed, not always installed properly, and sometimes are not adequately maintained resulting in injuries.

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